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Facts about E-Learning

Training in key business and professional skills in today's competitive environment cannot be ignored if you want your employees to develop and help drive the growth of your company. Need for e-learning New values In the old days, corporate value and value creation were defined principally through material and financial assets. Nowadays a premium is put on intellectual capital. To retain their competitive edge, organizations have started to... ❯❯❯

Continuing Education - Invest in Yourself - Mind, Body, Soul & The Planet

Investing in your continuing education? What is it and why do it? It sounds a bit boring doesn't it? No way! It's about life. Your life, and future. And the future of your family, community and the planet. What could be more exciting? The reasons for getting more than a high school or even a university education, are many and varied. Not only can you advance your position in traditional employment but you can open doors to new experiences and... ❯❯❯